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Taoist Erotic Tantric Massage
for Women and Men
with Shakti Shen

March 2011 - held once a year.
Hosted by LoveJourney, Sebastopol, CA

An advanced intensive workshop
for couples and paired singles

This workshop sold out last time...enroll early to reserve your sacred spot!


This workshop will synthesize the wisdom of many traditions – both modern & ancient – that celebrates the great gateway to the Infinite that is the Yoni & rejoices in the sacred Vajra Wand of Light. Participants are encouraged to bring a partner with whom they feel comfortable both giving and receiving very intimate touch. We will help match singles before the workshop.

Learn detailed, exquisite, step by step Yoni & Vajra Taoist erotic massage
Learn the techniques for male multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm
Learn the direct teachings of the deep feminine through the Oracle of the Yoni
Utilize Tantric meditations and breath to augment the pleasure and power of giving and receiving ecstatic, sensitive, erotic touch
Join a community of respectful and loving Tantric students who share this container of love, celebration, meditation, and divine body prayer

Essential to the lover who wants to be ever more aware,
sensitive and adept at touching.

$255 per person
$450 per couple
$75 deposit required to hold your spot, non-refundable
Pre-registration is required.

Click here to register

Overnight accommodations are available for an additional fee.
Directions and details on what to bring will be sent upon receipt of pre-registration.

Congratulations for taking your erotic/tantric education into your own hands. Many of us think we'll wait until we are in love and can do this workshop with our partner. Being with a lover is one way to learn this material. The other great way is to do this is with a learning partner. In the Taoist Erotic Massage Course we will be learning techniques and sensitivites that you can use with future partners.
With your learning partner now, where romance and interpersonal issues are not an issue, there can be a great advantage to focus on learning these valuable new skills without having to deal with your relational intimacy process with your lover.

Who would you choose to partner with?
Think of someone for whom you feel mutual respect, someone you would trust to communicate with and enjoy giving and receiving touch with. Its that simple. You don't need to feel a sexual attraction, but a friendly supportive connection would be a great ingredient for your learning partner. It could be someone you have met through a tantric puja, or someone in your life who shares your values of erotic education.

This lesson is a new paradigm for us. It is a stretch to learn to ask someone to join us for this kind of learning experience and share the benefit of expanding our personal loving skills with a new or old friend.

The sooner you register, the easier this will be. There are women now who want to come, and need partial or full support from a male partner, and a few men seeking women. The people we paired in this fashion last time were all quite pleased with the outcome. Call Evalena at 707 824-1118 to see if she can help match you to someone.

Friday: 7 – 9:30pm * Saturday: 10am – 6pm * Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Friday begins with opportunities to connect in a heart space and enjoy a sweet Puja that creates a loving community for practicing such intimate work.  Throughout, Shakti elegantly offers both ancient metaphysical teachings & her own original work, summarized in the Gems of Awareness, that honor our sexuality & create a context for touch to be skillfully shared with a devotional and meditative focus.

Couples will be guided in a myriad of strokes and skillful approaches to touch that awaken physiological and energetic points in both male and female genitals. With deep presence and honoring, you will explore the mysteries of the Yoni and Wand of Light, enhancing your capacity to bring pleasure and wholeness to your partner.

What is Taoist Tantric Massage?

Tantra adds to Taoist Erotic genital massage both breathwork and chakra study to activate all the erotic & esoteric bodies.  This course is very carefully guided so that you’ll receive the highest quality touch as you learn the intimate anatomy of the body & learn to give special, devotional attention to your partner.

Contact us with questions and to reserve your sacred spot: 707.824.1117, info@lovejourneytantra.com

SHAKTI SHEN is a national Tantra teacher who has offered thousands of Tantric erotic massages to both men and women. She has trained many professional Tantrikas in the fine arts of Taoist erotic touch. Shakti has taught with Evalena Rose at LoveJourney for the past seven years in the Six Month Group for women and brings with her a warm and seasoned approach to this very intimate study.